The Rule of Benedict

Reflections From Christian Meditators

Order of Chapters

During 2015 and 2016 the Meditatio House community met each weekday morning to reflect on and discuss the Rule of Benedict. Notes were taken during these discussions. This blog is the product of these discussions and notes.

The notes have long since been completed. Currently, about fortnightly, notes for each chapter reflection are arranged and edited before being posted on this blog.

We used the method for reflection on the Rule that has us reading through it three times over the course of a year.

We did not meet as a community on weekends to discuss the Rule. As a result, some notes during 2015-16 were taken outside of the then current three-times-a-year chapter cycle. Because of this, some chapter  reflections will be posted also outside this order.

You may have noticed that each reflection is tagged with the dates that correspond to this three-times-a-year cycle (in red). If you want to read and comment on the reflection that corresponds to the current date in this cycle, then on the home page, touch/click on the chapter title below the relevant date tag. Each tag is in red and shows three dates.

Please note: because we have not yet finished posting all the reflections, all the three year cycle dates are not yet up. We will get there, albeit slowly… thanks for your patience.


Andrew (October 15, 2018)


13 thoughts on “Order of Chapters

    1. Hi Kitternun,

      It’s because the blog is unfinished. Each weekday we reflect on the Rule and I edit it all and post a new chapter reflection. I aim at doing this weekly, however it may end up being a fortnightly thing for a bit.

      We began the blog when we were up to chapter 39 in our weekly reflections. When I finish posting chapter 73, I will start at the Prologue until we catch up to 39.

      The posts will always appear in order in the category drop-down menu bar on the right of the blog…

      Thanks for reading, and showing your interest..


  1. I had been hoping to someday find reflections on “The Rule” with the unique prespective of fellow practioners of CM, and now i’ve found it in your blog—thank you so much! Your insights are not only helping me recognize more asspects of my everyday life as a meditator where “The Rule’ can be applied, but it is helping me feel more a real part of the Community—not always easy in a “monastery without walls”. Thanks again for this invaluable service —it is greatly appreciated.—Tom Finnigan (Southern California–US)


    1. Thanks Tom. It so good to hear that this blog is helping you in the way it is. It is a communal blog for the community that is the WCCM. We are in it together. Wonderful to hear from you.


  2. Why not put the whole Rule up, with / without commentary, appropriately dated? Then, when reading the rule for today (Chapter 9 today, October 12th) if we have any thoughts we can post these in advance of your commentary.


    1. Hi David. That’s not a bad idea. That would encourage people to use the blog for comments at any time, irrespective of whether a post was ready to go or not…more people might engage with the blog… I’ll see what I can do. Thanks


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