The Rule of Benedict

Reflections From Christian Meditators


This site is by Christian meditators interested in exploring the Rule of St. Benedict. It was created by the Meditatio House community of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). Meditatio House was a contemplative house and outreach of the WCCM, located in London, England.

The house closed during March of 2019 to make way for the WCCM’s new International Retreat Centre: Bonnevaux.

Anyone new to, or interested in, Christian Meditation are warmly welcomed to read and be a part of this site. Please comment in a way that is respectful.

All who are drawn to the Benedictine spirit, and all who practice Christianity in this spirit, are also warmly welcomed.

Meditatio House used the Rule of St. Benedict as a guide for its communal life. The house was also a place where meditators exploring Benedictine oblation to the WCCM could come and experience Christian community and communal meditation.

The Rule of Benedict is a wisdom document for anyone who is interested in how the dynamics of group and community can serve the growth of love. It was written over 1500 years ago by St. Benedict of Nursia (480-547). The Rule went on to become the foundation document for Western Monasticism.

Benedict was troubled by the social and spiritual effects of the implosion of the Roman Empire in his time. In response he left his studies and life in Rome, leaving for the seclusion of Subiaco (southeast of Rome). In time he was discovered by others and asked by them to guide them. After some time (and, according to legend, an attempt on his life by ‘lukewarm’ monks), Benedict moved to Monte Cassino. The monastery he founded at Monte Cassino is still in use today. Legend has it that he founded twelve monasteries during his lifetime. His Rule (guide) was an attempt to formalise a way of life for these monasteries, a life of compassion and discipline – a school of love.



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